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The project Columbia Six is a Swedish restoration project of a Columbia Six from 1923. This online page is the window outside the garage. Here can you see, listen and watch how it all feels inside and outside my car. Enjoy your time here!
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My other project – willys8.se

My focus is currently on restoring this Columbia Six from 1923. In the passed I have also restored a Willys 8 from 1931, which you can read more at www.willys8.se.

Best wishes
Ragnar Adell

About the Columbia 6 project

This is a project about a complete restoring of a Columbia Six.

I, Ragnar Adell, saw an ads for sale in a swedish veterancar  newsletter. I phoned the owner and talked to him. Yes, he still had the car but he said it is in many parts but he thougt that it was nearly complete. After a few weeks I took a journey to him looked at the car and after couple a months we made the deal and I went to get it home the 5 August 2009.

You can follow my work by reading in the diary see how my small steps and see me starting and driving a very rare car model.

Here can you see, listen and watch how it all feels inside and outside my car.

Columbia Heavy Six facts

Engine:  Continental Six “Red Seal” type 7R  55Hp at 2600 RPM

Bore and stroke:  3 3/8 x  4 1/2

Carburetor:    Stromberg 1 1/4

Gears:  3  forward  1 rear

Electrical system:  Autolite

Timken Axels

Price:  Model Light six  995 $   the model Elite 1475$

Weight:  Light Six  2510  Elite 2950

Sales litterature

Here is some sales litterature that I have found.

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