Frontaxel and springs

The work the last weeks consist of working with the front-axel and front-springs.

I have taken the springs apart and stretched them about 1/2″ .Cleaned and painted the leafs.

New spring bolts and reborred schackels.New bushing in the springs and the bushings in the frame are roomed to fit the new bolts.New spring u-bolts are also made.

The engine is moved to a shop that are going to make new babbits for the crankshaft and the connecting rods.


Rearplate and windshield

The rear plate has been welded to the right shape and also got a layer of plastic filling to begin with the ground work before painting later.

The rear seat is now mounted in the right place fastened and also primed.

The pillar for the windshield is one copy made because one was to another year model.

I have also bought wheels and  used  tires I hope the rims I have fits also.


Bearing and plate

I have dismounted the rearaxel and identified the Timken numbers which I hope to find at Hershey.I have a friend that are going to Hershey.

The rear plate has undergoing a touch up so the surface is good and not to much plastic filling is needed when the finish work begins.