Now has the parts been mounted that shows the car is nearly to be completed.

The levers in the steering wheel has been attached and also the linkage for that but it has much work left there for a smooth working.

The sending unit for the fuel in the rear is also in place.

The rear lamps has got there holes and is now mounted but not yet installed electrical.

The vacuum tank,ignition,fuse holder and the aluminum plates in the floor boards are also fitted.The floor in the front is in place with switch and starter.


Mounting fenders and instruments

Even if the summer has been very warm I had done some major jobs.The fenders and the splash apron are now in place.The fuel sender,radiator,steering wheel,hood, and the holders for the hood with plates.The instruments with the restored amp and oil are there also.The speedometer are there also but not functioning. I must solve the problem with the mounting on the front wheel first.


Instrument,interior and top

The work has advanced with the interior and the top assembly is now mounted so the top can be mounted.The rear wood window has been delayed so the rest of the top is waiting.The speedometer has been cleaned and painted new glass is needed.The fuel tank has new measuring plate being made.In the radiator shell has the front curtain been mounted.


New parts and switch

New electrical parts most to the ignition has arrived.The manifold is now painted with “hot paint”.The switch for the key and the lights is a new copy in plastic being made.The start key function is not yet solved.The worm gear for the oil pump and water pump connection has I got new way to get information from The Moon club.Which I hope some from.The hole ignition is taken apart and cleaned .The tube for the ignition cable has been painted.


Engine and floor

The floorboards has got a ground layer of varnish and the outside or downside has also been painted black.

The cylinders and the valves are now drilled and new pistons and valves is fitted in place.

The wood in the rear is now being  fitted and also the interior wood at the the rear.