ignition and upholstry

The work has stopped for a while the ignition timing has not been correct.I have tried to start but it did work for only a halve a minute then a bang!The upholstery is next step I have a help from friend who has measured and planning to do the work in January.The rear window in wood is a copy being made due to the bad shape for the original one.I am also planning to buy new rims and tires.



Hi there,

Now I have finished the work on the left side after mounted the stay that holds the top roof.

I have started on the right side with test mount the body plate and welded the wheelhouse in the right place.


Body work

I have fitted in the across members for the bottom wood.The firewall has been cut out into nearly the right shape.


Some research has been done visiting the Royal Library in Stockholm and I searched all that been written in Swedish motor press during the years 1920 to 1923.I have not read the 1924 yet.I did not found anything in written test that I had look forward to.

I do found some sales brochures for the years 1921 and 1922 in Swedish.


This is from a newspaper in USA.

1 th october

I have tried to mount the cowl that was in the best shape.After several tries i decided to see how the other one would fit.This has only one side on the left side  the some plate is missing.

I had some trouble to get a smooth fitting with the hood.I made some work with the hood curved it so it has a nice curve and the same curve on both sides.I took apart the hood into two parts so I could work better.When I  mounted the second cowl I made a frame of spare wood and attached it to the wood with some screws.

I have bought ash for the wooden frame and all the other wood work that is needed.