The start of 2017

I have been working with the transmission.After welding and mounting after several attempts.It all seems to work well.

The ahooga horn is working fine also.

I am moving all my things to a new house and garage that is why this site has not been up to date.

My other car Willys880D 1931 has also got a new looking website.

Driving and working 2016

I have driven some short trips around in the neighborhood. There was still some problems with the third gear. I welded and grinded so the fork should fit better when the third gear went into driving mode.I tried a couple of times.It went better and better but not good. I dismantled the hole transmission with the clutch.I had mounted it in a test bench. I saw that the gears did not fit in because of the main gear grabbed not in to the third gear more than 5 mm. After I had adjusted that all functioned well.When I mounted it all back in place I succeed to crack the transmission house. There it stands now waiting for help with welding it in place again.

The step plates are now mounted

I wish all a  Good New 2017 !

Started for 2016

The first start for this year went ok.

The winter job with the water pump and the generator coupling was succesfull and worked fine.The adjusting of the fan was also working proper as exepected.The transmission was also some minor adjusting work been done but there is still some problems left to solve for a smooth drive.The headlights has new lamps with new contact for full and halv light in the same socket been installed Ba15d.The step plates has not yet been mounted.

Winter 2016

Still work to be done.The transmission work is not ready yet.The work to replace the bearings on the fan has not been finished either.I have at least reinstalled the connection between the generator and the water pump.

The foot step plates is now ready to mount and screw on  the foot steps.

The last months

The last months have I made some small trips around Mjölby.

I was to a local car meet in Ekliden about 15 km from home.

The trip to the meet went fine in the summer evening.When returning home the car suddenly stopped after 5km.The location of the problem went on having good help of passing cars with there good advices.There was only to realize that it had stoped.It was only to tow the car home after a helping hand of an A-Ford.The evening went dark and it had begun to rain.All went fine home in to the garage.

After couple a days the work begun finding the problem.When dismantling the distributor and lift it out I found that the drive wheel to the oil pump has failed and the pin was broken.Making a new one and put distributor and oil pump back .There was only to time the engine with my home made feeler in the spark plug hole.There where some trying and the hours passed away.Finally I was pleased.

Later in October I took a trip about 30 km and it all went smooth and fine.

The transmission is undertaken some repairing to find out why the third gear is sometimes failing


The step plates is not ready.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

More parts to mount

This year begins with mounting some missing parts.Horn with wiring,the generator and the relay.Also some fixing with the wire looms.The inside rear view mirror is also mounted.New headlight glass is also ordered.

Starting with troubles

It is a couple a weeks since i updated.I have been busy…

I started the engine and it looked and sounded all right.After a short while I saw that the oil pressure was not there.Turned it of and looked after where the problem could be. First adjusting the pressure. After a couple of hours I made a new packing for the oil pump.Now I have pressure. The running board have got a rubber with aluminum trim on the sides.The reflectors are ready to mount in the headlamps.Now I started again and filling the hole water system when running the car.Then after a couple of minutes the water began to leak from the top.Stopped and draw the bolts more and than it happened that the bolts failed in there threads several of them.The only thing to do was to repair with Helicoil and even four of the bolts I needed to make new threaded bushings.

Now have I just finished with the top and draw all bolts to right measures.


Now has the parts been mounted that shows the car is nearly to be completed.

The levers in the steering wheel has been attached and also the linkage for that but it has much work left there for a smooth working.

The sending unit for the fuel in the rear is also in place.

The rear lamps has got there holes and is now mounted but not yet installed electrical.

The vacuum tank,ignition,fuse holder and the aluminum plates in the floor boards are also fitted.The floor in the front is in place with switch and starter.