ignition and upholstry

The work has stopped for a while the ignition timing has not been correct.I have tried to start but it did work for only a halve a minute then a bang!The upholstery is next step I have a help from friend who has measured and planning to do the work in January.The rear window in wood is a copy being made due to the bad shape for the original one.I am also planning to buy new rims and tires.


Paint and engine

The painting of the body is progressing.The right dimensions of the pistons has arrived and also mounted.The front axle and the rear axle are now mounted .I have also test to mount one tire to see how it fits to the wheel..The front axle has new grease fittings been mounted.The steering had one of the ends on the front cross tube been worn out new ones were made there.


Radiator and rearaxle

The rearaxle is now mounted and painted .New differential axle is made and also new shimms.The radiator is broken in the bottom which needs reparing.The raditor shell is sanded and brought to a shop for nickelplating. The gearbox is new bearings mounted. The rear brakes is next to restore.


Rearaxle and paintwork

The rear axle.I have got all new bearings and mounted some.The pinion has a new flange been made and waiting to get a cone hole for fitting on the pinion.The paint job continues the pillars and the window is now painted.The fenders and the side plates is waiting next to be painted.The gear box has got new bearings I have started to mount the gears back in place.


Paint and rear axle

The hood ,the front windows with the pillars and the front bar with headlight assembly is now being painted.

The valve springs are after some measure troubles home.

The floors both front and rear has been sanded and got a layer of varnish and also the other wood got a layer.The wood for the front and rear seat is now ready.

The rear axle and the pinion are new bearings been mounted the rest of the new bearings is waiting to be mounted. on the drive axles.


Front and bearings

I have begun to fit in the front bar and the head lamps .On the left side plate  I had to make some adjustment . I discovered that the surface was not smooth.The bearings to the pinion and the rear axle has arrived. I am waiting for the Timken 347 when it arrives it is all complete to mount in place.I  hope that I also fond a new  valve spring that I have damaged.


Frontplates and brakes

The work continues .The rear wheels has the brake drums been bolted in place.The brake band are also painted.

The front plate under the radiator has been sandblasted and fitted in place but not ready yet. The plates under the hood are new made and

not bolted to the frame and the hood springs is next to be fitted in place.