First year

Here is the the results after one year of work.

The most of the doors are ready,The top part of the engine is in a shop for drilling and new valves are fitted.

Engine an doors

The last days have I cleaned the aluminum part of the engine it looks like new again -amazing!

The doors are  varnished .The cylinder head are cleaned and next step are to get it  plain.



Red Seal and door

Hi there,

I have dismantled the Continental Red Seal R7 engine and cleaned it so you can see that the engine block is made of aluminium.The work to be done with the engine is new bearings  for the crankshaft and the pistons all to be cast and arborr even the crankshaft must be sanded.

The right side front door is only the hinges in the door left to be fitted.The inside door handles the and the locks has been sandblasted and they have also been painted black ready to install.


Engine and doors

I have cleaned the engine and the gearbox with  heat and high-pressure wash and it seems to be like new!

The front door at the left side has new wood and plate been made but not yet mounted together.

The rear right door has been dismantled and the wood looks be in a very good condition it is only to take apart and perhaps one layer of varnish it is all to be required,perhaps



I have started to dismantle the engine.New side plates on the cowl has been made and welded in place in both sides.

The front floor pieces is new.Ready to fit in place.


Engine mounting

I am testing the mountings for the engine. I want to see how the firewall fits in with the cowl.

In the same way I am also fitting  the post for the front door  to the ash frame and the cowl .

As for the front cross member I have mounted a wooden piece to see how it fits with the third point of suspension