Christhmas 2009

The work continue with plate work on the right rear side.Almost ready with the plate work next step is get the rear fender in place.

With this I which you all a Merry X-Xmas and a Happy New Year with this pictures.



Hi there,

Now I have finished the work on the left side after mounted the stay that holds the top roof.

I have started on the right side with test mount the body plate and welded the wheelhouse in the right place.


Rear section

I have been working with the rear body.The first step was to cut the bottom wood along the sides to somewhat right shape.The rear body was first sandblasted. The left rear fender is mounted with new panel around and in the wheelhouse.The magneto has been dismantled and also put together again.There is no force in the U-magnets so there is time to reload them again.


Parts identity

I have got a Parts List for the Columbia Six models.This is showing the parts number . Using this list I am now convinced that the engine 6Y is the right one.The Cylinder head castings number is the same as in the Parts List so is also the casting numbers for the engine block.The car is a 1923 years model.


Body work

I have fitted in the across members for the bottom wood.The firewall has been cut out into nearly the right shape.


Some research has been done visiting the Royal Library in Stockholm and I searched all that been written in Swedish motor press during the years 1920 to 1923.I have not read the 1924 yet.I did not found anything in written test that I had look forward to.

I do found some sales brochures for the years 1921 and 1922 in Swedish.


This is from a newspaper in USA.

Bottom wood


I am trying to get the right look for the bottom wood.

I am placing the mid section with front doors in in line with the cowl also trying to get the right  line with the hood and radiator shell.

1 th october

I have tried to mount the cowl that was in the best shape.After several tries i decided to see how the other one would fit.This has only one side on the left side  the some plate is missing.

I had some trouble to get a smooth fitting with the hood.I made some work with the hood curved it so it has a nice curve and the same curve on both sides.I took apart the hood into two parts so I could work better.When I  mounted the second cowl I made a frame of spare wood and attached it to the wood with some screws.

I have bought ash for the wooden frame and all the other wood work that is needed.


The frame assembled

Today I have finished the work with putting the frames into one frame.

I have riveted the frame sides with 9 rivets on each side and I have also welded the parts together.

Next step is to make the bottom wood frame.

My work until 13 of September

My work in September has been about to see which model that I have of the Columbia Six.

Keith think there is the heavy model -Touring.

I made some inquires at the and in several libraries in Detroit and found that and it looks like that is the fact.

Mike have supported with measures for me to control with.


The generator is not yet finished.

The frame, cowl and the hood has been sandblasted and primed.


Next to do is to mount the frame together.

Work done i August

I started to see what parts that fits together. The steel frame is in two parts. I took the complete front axle and rear axle and mounted them in place. Finding after several attempts that the car is right  hand drive When looking at the picture from ASEA photo from 1923 I saw that these cars had right hand steering. After that I tried to mount the doors and the mid section. When doing that I got in touch with Mick Proctor in UK who has a 1923 Columbia Light Six. He is helping me with many measures when trying to mount the pieces together. Thank you!