ignition and upholstry

The work has stopped for a while the ignition timing has not been correct.I have tried to start but it did work for only a halve a minute then a bang!The upholstery is next step I have a help from friend who has measured and planning to do the work in January.The rear window in wood is a copy being made due to the bad shape for the original one.I am also planning to buy new rims and tires.



Now have tried to start the engine but failed.The problem was that I had choose an Autolite ignitor that turned unclockwise.I has taken a Chevrolet 1930 and change the axle to fit in the oilpump and the worm gear.I have also started to look how to solve the speedometer mountings for the drive gear.


Starting the engine

Hi there,

I have tried to start the engine.After some troubles with the ignition timing  have I mounted a correct-i think worm gear that drives the oilpump,waterpump,generator and the ignition.It does not fires well yet.I have also blown a battery and also bought a new it is 140 Ah.The engine goes heavy and I am still working with that.I have installed the propellershaft.The wacumm-tank is now apart both of them see what I can do there.



The engine would not start .The problem was that the worm gear was not done correct.Mount it down and send to the shop and I hope to get there from soon.The transmission and the gearbox with the clutch brake are now installed and adjusted.The rear brakes are also adjusted.I am just waiting for the correct done worm gear so I can start it up!



Worm gear and ignition

AT LAST the worm gear has arrived.Ready and mounted and for the test drive.The ignition and distributor is now mounted and almost ready.The distributor end that fits to the oil pump is new ends and bushings being made.The ignition cables has been measured and pre installed before soldering ends.The worm gear woodruff key was worn out and a newer key and track has to be made-waiting for that just now.


New parts and switch

New electrical parts most to the ignition has arrived.The manifold is now painted with “hot paint”.The switch for the key and the lights is a new copy in plastic being made.The start key function is not yet solved.The worm gear for the oil pump and water pump connection has I got new way to get information from The Moon club.Which I hope some from.The hole ignition is taken apart and cleaned .The tube for the ignition cable has been painted.


Engine and exhaust

I have mounted the exhaust.The engine is now in place but just temporary because I have not yet got the worm gear.That gear is now slowing down the work.Next to do is to take the engine apart in the front so the worm gear can be mounted then it is ok to mount it all permanent.The clutch is ready to mount in place.


Manifold,Exhaust,carburetor and flywheel

The work does progress but in slow motion.Smal steps…

I have done some work on the gasoline cap.The carburetor is in a shop for restoration.The flywheel has been in a lathe and a good surface for the clutch has been achived .The clutch is ready to mount.The exhaust has a new flange been made and welded in place .Ready to mount and paint.Some new parts has arrived.


Fuel tank and battery

The pedal has been adjusted so the rear brakes is now functioning. The battery box is a new being made and mounted in place with a new battery of 140Ah.The fuel tank has been cleaned and restored with the Restom kit.The tank is mounted and also painted.The petrol gauge is now the next to restore.