Rear brakes

The oil pan is now in place but I forgot the oil pump line .That means more work to take the oil pan away so that I can mount the oil line correct.I am waiting on the worm and the oil pump so that I can assembly the hole engine.The transmission control lever rocker ball is worn out so it requires that a new one is being made.The clutch trow out unit has been taken apart ,cleaned and new grease in and it is working ok.Pinbolts 13 pieces for the manifold is new ones being made.The gasoline tank has I dismantled and a first cleaning being made by poring out sand and a newspaper from 1951?Next is sandblasting and high pressure hot water cleaning.The flywheel needs to make a smooth surface for the clutch.The steel clutch disc needs to sanding.All that that I got some help with.The rear brakes are ready and the rear axle nuts are fastened with cotter pins.