Starting with troubles

It is a couple a weeks since i updated.I have been busy…

I started the engine and it looked and sounded all right.After a short while I saw that the oil pressure was not there.Turned it of and looked after where the problem could be. First adjusting the pressure. After a couple of hours I made a new packing for the oil pump.Now I have pressure. The running board have got a rubber with aluminum trim on the sides.The reflectors are ready to mount in the headlamps.Now I started again and filling the hole water system when running the car.Then after a couple of minutes the water began to leak from the top.Stopped and draw the bolts more and than it happened that the bolts failed in there threads several of them.The only thing to do was to repair with Helicoil and even four of the bolts I needed to make new threaded bushings.

Now have I just finished with the top and draw all bolts to right measures.